Wednesday, May 9, 2007

KoKo Beach

Day 52:

Today was a standard day at work, until I encountered the most evil restaurant goer thus far in my brief time working at KoKo Beach. The man orders a full order of baby back ribs with a baked potatoe (sour cream, butter, chives on the side) and a cheese burger (not american cheese!) with extra thousand island and a salad (two sides of ranch dressing!)... so he comes to pick it up and double checks my order before leaving me a large tip and leaving. Ten minutes later I get a call "Allison? I'm not good, this is a mess!" Why was he so very upset??? Because the sour cream, butter, and chives although on the side...were all together on the side! The man not only went off about this to me but also held the large tip over my head as a reason he was more upset, and proceeded to return to the restaurant to collect his SEPERATE sides to go with his food. GRRR...has he nothing better to do with his life than return to get little cups of potatoe sides even though he already had them???

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