Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Terrible Teacher!

Ok, no, I don't think I am a terrible teacher...I do think that being a teacher makes me a terrible blogger! So, rather than feel bad about not posting every day and pretending I will do much better I am a bit sad to announce that from now on I'm not going to pretend to post every day. It just isn't happening... and rather than make excuses I'm just going to stop taking the days off. I will still post pictures; however, I'm just going to stop pretending to do it every day! Sorry!
So anyways... Mark and I went to watch the amazing UCLA game on Saturday at Jason and Michelle's and I brought my camera in hopes of getting a picture of their adorable dog, but she was far too excited to let me take her picture, so I got one of these beautiful pomegranate's they got in Greece.

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