Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Back!

Lots of Days:

Before I begin, I must admit that Mark and I were sharing the camera, so these were not all my pictures I just don't remember who took what. Ok, so picking one picture a day from this trip seemed impossible, so I've done my best to pick my favorites and we will start from day 1 and work up... these first few shots are from Morro Bay at the beach just off our campsite.

From Morro Bay we kept going up the coast and stopped off at a view point with elephant seals!

Next we made our way to Big Sur, it was amazing! This first shot is from Limekiln national park, where we camped the first night in Big Sur. The waterfall was just at the end of a short little hike.

This tree was also on that hike, I'm a sucker for trees made in to faces, hehe this guy even has hair coming off the top!

The next campsite was pretty crazy, it was Julia Pfieffer park in Big Sur. They only have two campsites in the park and you have take take a little hike with all your stuff to get there, but the view was well worth it!

After Big Sur it was off to Yosemite! I was pretty scared of encountering some bears, but instead we just saw countless deer, and those I was quite happy to see.

The second day we made the hike up to Vernal Falls, that was breathtaking, the pictures can't do it justice. We took a little spur trail that went right up to the bottom of the falls, but unfortunately without a wide angle lens our best shots were from higher up.

Later that day we went to the giant sequoia grove, if you look really hard you can see me at the bottom of this picture, I'm about the size of the fence if you can find that... just to give you an idea of just how enormous this tree really is.

The last thing we did in Yosemite was go to the top of Glacier Point and watch the sunset reflecting on half dome. Unfortunately the way the sun was setting it was casting a pretty big shadow across the valley, but the view was still pretty impressive. Obviously I did not take this one, there were some nature photographers camped out up there and one was kind enough to snap this for us.


Emalia said...

I have to send you the pictures from SF/Napa/Stockton so you can show that you saw us up here too!! :)

erika d. said...

The shot with the rainbow is AMAZING!!