Saturday, September 15, 2007


Approximately day 161:

This week has been CRAZY, we got back from our trip Sunday night and this week we had a contractor in the house all week doing the new bathrooms, I started all my new schools for work, and today I took the CSET for English...Whew! Unfortunately in light of all that I was a terrible blogger, but I promise I shall do better now that all that craziness is over! Mark won't let me post a full bathroom picture until we've had the showers refinished and you can see it in it's full glory, so for now here's a tiny little teaser from one of the bathrooms, they look so good!

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katy said...

I am SOOO excited to see the finished bathroom pictures! So exciting! I guess I get to see them in person this weekend when we come down for a visit :) Yay for new pretty bathrooms!